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My name is Charity Rogers. I am a business coach, who specializes in helping female entrepreneurs start a business, and earn more while working less.

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Mentorship Program

Mentorship Program


It is finally here, the highly requested Mentorship Program!

This mentorship program is like no other. Don't try and do this all by yourself. We are truly better together. 

What's included when you join this AMAZING $37 MONTHLY MENTORING PROGRAM.

  • Bi-Weekly Live Trainings (every 2nd and 4th Thursday)
  • Quarter Business Strategy Group Trainings with proven business techniques to grow your business 
  • Access to a private-members only Facebook group where you can ask other successful business entrepreneurs questions regarding your business
  • Access to my monthly training vault. Training released every month on the 15th. Training can include training material, videos, homework, and other resources.